Meet the Paus Sky Worker PTK 31 – the innovative crane that meets your project’s unique needs.

With a 3,500-pound lift capacity and 101-foot boom, the Paus Sky Worker trailer-mounted crane can carry out transport tasks with ease, speed and precision. Powered by a 24hp Honda engine, it will always run. Specifically constructed with roofers in mind, this magnificent machine is versatile, lightweight and can fit into tight spaces.

Features & Options

Four individual fold-away telescopic outriggers enable crane set up on narrow and uneven ground, such as steps or high curbsides, or city sidewalks, while simultaneously being capable of reaching over a sloped roof.

Made out of aluminum rather than steel, it weighs only about 7,700 pounds compared to a truck-mounted crane that ranges in weight between 50,000 and 60,000 pounds. Thanks to its efficient design, the Paus Sky Worker PTK 31 transfers easily, can be pulled behind a normal pick-up truck and never damage a curb, or crack a sidewalk or driveway.

Featuring a 101-foot boom, it can reach an eight-story building.

Starting with a 3,500-pound lift capacity, the PTK-31 can pick up roughly: · 2,400 pounds at 40 feet · 2,000 pounds at 50 feet · 1,200 pounds at 60 feet

This crane is operated by a radio remote control with an integrated visual loading indicator, giving the operator immediate visual feedback. Its remote-controlled wheel drive enables free movement around the jobsite without a truck.

Because the crane is on a trailer and not a part of a truck, the owner does not have to pay for large commercial truck insurance, for truck maintenance or for a CDL driver to operate it.

Other accessories include: · Spreader bar for lumber, pallet forks, roof racks, man baskets, self-dumping buckets and a lowerable drive axle for maneuvering as a single-axle trailer.

· Its fully hydraulic head jib allows it to fold completely for a low-profile transport. The jib’s hydraulic toggle-knee joint allows variation of the articulation angle from 0 to 172 degrees and is able to extend 30 feet.

· State-of-the-art safety features prevent the crane from picking up too much weight. When max load is reached, the computer will stop the crane movement without a load swing. And the remote has a readout showing the angle, the extension length and the load in real time.

Other highlights include: · closed aluminum profiles for enhanced stability · excellent driving and maneuvering qualities· precise working even at a height of eight stories · easy maintenance.

All electronic components are waterproof and double protected.