To help roofers move equipment and supplies, Roofers Crane offers three different materials lifts:

» Easy Big «

This lift can hoist up to 59 feet and has a payload of 440 pounds. Thanks to its light weight of roughly 1,650 pounds and extremely low width, it can pass through narrow places. It is suitable for most vehicles and has a maintenance-free rail package due to its use of polyamide guide blocks.

It features a drawbar support wheel, non-tipping carriage, automatic anti-back winding device for hoisting winch and extension winch, steadily adjustable arresting device and a range of action at 360 degrees with minimum setting up space.

» Easy Big Knuckle «

The Easy Big can hoist up to 101 feet and has a payload of 880 lbs. Known as a “fully hydraulic material elevator,” it features a large aluminum platform with individual fold down sides that is easily rotatable and retractable into a building, a stable base extension, low noise-level engine and a range of action at 360 degrees. Included are four dropdown extendable stabilizers with non-marring pads and hydraulic wheel drive for self-propelling around the job site.

The Easy Big KI

The KI model has a built-in, 20-foot, hydraulic knuckle for doing all sloped roofing (metal, tile, slate, shingles), and a capacity of 550 pounds. The WH-KI has a reach of 90 feet straight and max to 70 feet knuckled.

» City Line 120' «

The City Line can hoist up to 120 feet and has a payload of 889 pounds. A high-tech lift, it features surge brakes, a tow bar adjustable to height, chassis in reliable C-profile technology with no hollow space, drop-type supports in the back for quick assembly, low noise-level Honda engine and a hydraulic rail-locking mechanism, and hydraulic wheel drive.